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Blind Installation and Repair Services

Once you purchase a new window treatment from B & D Custom Blinds, we continue making your home decor and light control easy and convenient. Our window treatment services include repairs and installations at your Tucson, AZ home or through the mail. It’s essential to have a trained professional install your new blinds, shades, or shutters to ensure they fit properly, work optimally, and look their best throughout your home. If your window treatments get damaged or a cord breaks, our team is highly trained and certified to perform any necessary repairs or replacements of components.

With over a decade of experience in providing clients with commendable and reliable service, we understand that repairs on modern window treatments are often complicated, but with the right expertise and teamwork, we’ve got you covered! Our experts are friendly, passionate, and knowledgeable. We understand the value of integrity and set the standard to always exceed our clients’ expectations.

Duette Window Shading in Tucson, AZ

Duette® window shadings by Hunter Douglas

Signs You Need a Blind Repair Expert

Warped or Broken Slats

This type of damage can result from humidity, normal wear, and tear, UV exposure, or household accidents. A damaged slat can have a huge impact on the efficacy of your blinds, making it difficult for them to tilt or raise properly.

Faulty Mechanisms

You shouldn’t have to pull the cord or tug on your blinds at a certain angle to slide them up or down. However, if you have to go through such rigorous steps, it's a sign you need to replace the mechanism to avoid further damage.

Frayed Edges

Frayed edges on fabric shades are yet another sign of needing repair that is easily ignored. Discolored or torn edges are signs that the shades are scraping against the frame. This might result from the difference in size, especially when the shades are wider than the openings on the window.

Window Treatment Installation and Repair Services

At B & D Custom Blinds, we ensure your shades, blinds, and shutters work and look their best with thorough window treatment services tailored to suit your needs. Our trained and certified experts will work on any of the following:

Blind Installation

Our window treatment specialists are certified to install blinds, shades, and shutters made by reputable brands like Hunter Douglas. We can also handle any installation issues while setting up your new blinds with quick and effective solutions. Our crew stands out as the most certified resource in Tucson for window treatment installations for private homeowners and design firms. We always bring the proper fasteners and tools with us to ensure your installation is carried out successfully and as quickly as possible.

Blind Repair

Some parts and products might not be available a year after you install your window treatments since the industry is ever-changing. You can trust our team to perform repairs on broken parts and replacements when you need a new component. Our repair services extend to various window treatments, such as horizontal and vertical blind Installation, cellular shades, and many other products.

Mail-In Repair Service

We recommend using the closest UPS store to purchase a pre-paid return trip label. When you send your shades, blinds, or any window treatment, please include the return trip label in the box. We also advise you to ensure your products when you send them to us and for the return trip. You will get a price quote on the repairs, and we send them back to you as soon as they’re finished.

Why You Should Choose B & D Custom Blinds

  • We provide you with the best – At B & D Custom Blinds, we make it a priority to exceed your expectations by providing exceptional service at a reasonable price.
  • We don’t pressure clients – The fact remains that repairs are usually more affordable than new purchases, and with our wealth of experience, we’re here to provide your commercial or residential building with the best window treatment repairs. We never pressure our clients to buy new window coverings or blinds.

Call to Receive a Free Quote

Trust B & D Custom Blinds to help you find the ideal window treatment options for your home or business. Our team will answer your questions and book an appointment with you. Contact us for a free quote, to schedule an appointment, or to visit our showroom.


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