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We Provide Customers Across the U.S. with Mail-In Blind Repair

If you’re not in Tucson, Arizona, and can’t access our local blind repair shop, we’ve got you covered! We pride ourselves on our reasonable rates, secured shipping, and quick turnaround. The entire mail-in process is simple and easy and is designed just for you! All you need to do is remove the window covering and mail it to our shop.


Service Map of B&D Custom Blinds

How Our Mail-In Repair Services Work

We recommend using your local UPS store. There, you can purchase a pre-paid return trip label to include in the box with your shade and contact phone number. UPS can also provide you with insurance and tracking info. Upon receipt, we will call you with a price quote.

Our team of experts will assess the work required and suggest the most suitable repair option. We offer a reasonable and budget-friendly estimate for each repair. Our restringing and cleaning services are also affordable. Once repairs are completed, we affix your pre-purchased UPS label, and your blind is on its way back; all shipping and repairs are done within 2-5 business days.

Areas We Serve with Mail-In Repair Services

Our custom blind certified technicians are known for their quick turnarounds and top-quality service. No matter where you are in the United States, you can pack and mail the blinds to us. Once we are done with the repair, we will ship them back to you safely. Regardless of the damage and your distance, we ensure all repairs are done within five business days.



Reasons to Opt for Repair Services Instead of Replacement

  • Cost of Repair vs. Cost of Replacement – A repair will reduce the cost of replacement by 40-50%; of course, this makes a huge difference if you’re on a budget!
  • We’re Affordable – We have different parts in stock to facilitate all forms of window blind repair within 2-4 working days, and we will mail them back to you as soon as possible.
  • Easier and Faster – Shopping for new blinds can be daunting, while repairs can be done within a couple of hours.
  • More Sustainable – Extend the life of your window treatments with repairs instead of purchasing new ones when they’re damaged.

Advantages of Mail-In Repair Services

At B & D Custom Blinds, we understand the impact of blinds on your home decor and have made provisions to accommodate blind repairs no matter where you are in the United States. Below are a couple of advantages of using our mail-in repair service:

  • Easy and Convenient – Mailing a damaged blind is fast, simple, and easy. Call our repair department or email pictures of your blinds so we can evaluate them before you send them in.
  • Fast Repairs – Most blinds are repaired and, on their way, back within five business days.
  • Affordable – B & D Custom Blinds has affordable pricing compared to most competitors; we are honest and upfront with the total cost of your repair. The best part is that the estimated cost of our mail-in repair service is minimal compared to the price of opting for a complete replacement.

Why you Should Choose B & D Custom Blinds

There are many reasons to choose us for your window treatment installations and repairs!

  • Company Trained Employees – At B & D Custom Blinds, we don’t use subcontractors. Our specialists and installers are trained professionals who understand our approach and methodology of blind repair and installation.
  • Detail-Oriented, Responsive, and Trustworthy – We make customer satisfaction a priority! We are detail-oriented and responsive to customers’ needs. Our clients receive a personal touch they won’t experience at most big-box competitors.
  • Price – Our pricing is reasonable and affordable compared to most competitors. Because we don’t use subcontractors or middlemen, you deal with B & D Custom Blinds employees from start to finish; this influences the quality, price, and overall result.
  • Experience – B & D Custom Blinds has worked on hundreds of blinds. Our professionals are known to provide white-gloves service at an affordable price.

We are happy to offer our mail-in repair services throughout the United States! Contact us for a free quote today.



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